A Luxury Boutique Resort

Sariska Courtyard is a boutique luxury nature conservation resort with stone cabin rooms, suits, and tented rooms spread across quaint cottages inspired by the glorious colonial-era British hunting lodges, but fully equipped with modern luxuries and amenities.

A Comprehensive Experience

The hills and surroundings provide an ideal setting for revelling in nature’s abundance, illuminated by the sun during the day and the dancing flames of oil lamps at night. Sariska Courtyard is a great destination for those looking for a holistic experience, thanks to the wildlife reserve, adventure activities, historical ruins, and legendary temples in the surrounding areas.

In Nature’s Embrace

Sariska Courtyard, with its lush central garden, ornamental and fruit plants, is designed to help you slow down and escape the trappings of urban living as an ode to the dense green jungles surrounding it. The colourful flowerbeds, birds chirping in the distance, and rows of vegetable gardens will make you want to grab your paints and paint your views of the sun playing hide and seek with the hills at dawn and dusk. The property is a meeting place for history, wildlife, and adventure, and is ideal for birdwatchers, explorers, wildlife enthusiasts, and eco-travelers.

Sariska Courtyard’s holistic nature experience encourages you to develop your own personal relationship with nature.

The fast-paced lifestyle of city living can leave you chronically depleted and disconnected from your ancient, inextricably linked connection to Mother Nature. Sariska Courtyard is intended to promote a deeply restorative healing process that is facilitated by direct interaction with the natural world.

Everything from your stay in one of our tents or stone cabins to our carefully curated outdoor adventures and fresh, seasonal food menu will nourish you and ease you away from mindless scrolling and into mindful living. You will gain a better understanding and appreciation for wilderness by getting closer to it.

Your body will feel rested and relaxed as your rhythm naturally realigns with the cycles of the sun and moon. The sights and sounds of songbirds, the whisper of the wind rustling in the leaves, and the wonder of seeing wildlife in their natural habitats will rejuvenate your spirit.

We invite you to reset, replenish, and reconnect with nature.



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