Jeep Safari throught the Sariska Tiger Reserve

Birding at Mansarovar Lake

Jeep Excursion to Neelkanth Mahadev

Cycling Tour

Day Visit to Bhangarh Fort and Chand Baori


Jeep Safari

Birding at Mansarovar & Mangalsar Lake

The thriving ecosystem at the Sariska Tiger Reserve provides ample space for not only the jungle and the animals to survive but also gives space to the bird life. The Mansarovar & the Mangalsar lakes are home to many migratory and domestic birds. To name a few one can see the Spotbill Duck, Grey Heron, River Tern, Barhead Geese Yellow Footed Green Piegon, Long Tail Shrik, Little Ring Plover, Lesser Flame back Woodpecker, Great Egret, Ruddyshel Duck, Eurasian Ryeneck, Sarus Cranes, Ibis, Green Shank and many more.


The beauty of the universe is not to be missed under the magnificent skies at Tehla, the village adjoining Sariska Manor. This area is one of the only two places in India, the other being Andaman & Nicobar Islands, known for stargazing and galaxy watching. The 1200 square kilometers forest cover and absence of a large city or industrial town in the vicinity create an indefinite darkness with the galaxies shining through light years.