Do’s and Don’ts when Staying at Sariska Courtyard

Be a responsible keeper by following these suggestions, and take pleasure in the peaceful surroundings!

  • No room service is available for meals or snacks, and none of the rooms have mini-refrigerators in order to maintain cleanliness and hygienic conditions.
  • By not eating in your room, you can keep animals and insects outside.
  • Ensure that any snacks you brought with you are kept in airtight containers.
  • Don’t scatter crumbs everywhere. Open food containers and crumbs invite the bugs and insects to have a picnic in your room!
  • Leave your sound systems and portable speakers at home. A symphony of bird songs can be heard throughout the day, while crooning animals can be heard singing at night.
  • In order to properly manage disposal, we sort and segregate rubbish. All of our biodegradable waste, including coffee and tea grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, and other food scraps, is composted and fed to a variety of plants and trees.
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  • Sariska Courtyard does not sell water or other beverages in plastic bottles. Filtered RO water in glass bottles is offered in every room and is replenished daily and upon request. Upon arrival, a refreshing welcome drink is waiting for you at the resort.
  • Avoid bringing packaged snacks like chips, cookies, and namkeen that are packed in foil or plastic bags.
  • If you do bring any food items, please make sure they are in reusable containers you can take home with you.
  • Leave any drinks in plastic bottles at home. We kindly request that you return with any plastic bottles you bring. At Sariska Courtyard, it is quite challenging to handle plastic garbage, thus we think reducing our consumption of plastic will help Mother Earth breathe easier.


  • Avoid deviating from the paths that have been designated because there can be snakes and other insects hiding in the undergrowth.
  • When going on excursions in the boulders or engaging in other outdoor activities, wear long pants and closed, supportive footwear to protect your feet and legs.
  • When on safaris and other excursions, keep in mind that you are a visitor in the wilderness and make an effort not to damage the local fauna and plants.
  • Refrain from picking any foliage, blossoms, or fruits from the trees and plants on the property or in the surrounding wilderness. It’s like having a guest around and having them take your favourite chair! Even worse, you can find yourself carrying something or someone you didn’t intend to!